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Title CompanyLabelRarityReg TV CartManBoxShot
2003 AtariAge Holiday CartSelf-Published Manual iconBox icon
2004 AtariAge Holiday Cart: Holiday QbSelf-Published  Box icon
2005 AtariAge Holiday Cart: Reindeer RescueSelf-Published  Box icon
2005 Minigame MulticartSelf-Published  Box icon
2006 AtariAge Holiday Cart: Toyshop TroubleSelf-Published  Box icon
2007 AtariAge Holiday Cart: Stella's StockingSelf-Published  Box icon
A-VCS-tec ChallengeSelf-Published  Box icon
A-VCS-tec ChallengeSelf-Published  Box icon
Alfred ChallengeEbivisionStandard 
Allia QuestEbivisionStandard 
AStarSelf-Published  Box icon
BackfireSelf-Published   Box icon
Bee-BallSelf-Published  Box icon
BLiP FootballSelf-Published  Box icon
Boulder DashSelf-Published   Box icon
Climber 5XYPE  Box icon
Colony 7Self-Published  Box icon
Conquest of MarsSelf-Published  Box icon
Crazy BalloonSelf-Published  Box icon
Crazy ValetSelf-Published Box icon
Crazy ValetSelf-PublishedLimited Edition Box icon
Crazy Valet CGESelf-Published  Box icon
CubisSelf-Published   Box icon
Cuttle CartSchell's Electronics Box icon
Dark MageSelf-Published  Manual iconBox icon
E.T. Book CartSelf-Published  Box icon
Edtris 2600Self-Published Manual iconBox icon
Elevators AmissSelf-Published  Box icon
EncavedSelf-Published  Box icon
Enigma MachineSelf-Published   Box icon
EuchreSelf-Published  Box icon
Eurocon2005Self-Published Manual iconBox icon
Fall DownSelf-Published  Box icon
FlapPingSelf-Published  Box icon
Four-PlaySelf-Published  Box icon
Gingerbread ManSelf-Published  Box icon
Go Fish!Self-Published  Box icon
GoSubSelf-Published  Box icon
Graz2004Self-Published Manual iconBox icon
GunfightXYPE  Manual iconBox icon
Hunchy IISelf-Published  Box icon
I ProjectSelf-Published    
INVSelf-Published Manual iconBox icon
INV+Self-Published  Box icon
JammedXYPE  Box icon
JoustPongSelf-Published  Box icon
Krokodile CartridgeSelf-Published  Box icon
Lady BugSelf-Published  Box icon
Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the RingSelf-Published 
Marble CrazeXYPE 
Medieval MayhemSelf-Published  Box icon
Melbourne TattySelf-Published  Box icon
Mental KombatSelf-Published 
Merlin's WallsEbivisionStandard 
Mine SweeperSelf-Published  Manual iconBox icon 
Mondo PongSelf-Published  Manual iconBox icon
Okie DokieRetrowareLimited EditionManual iconBox icon
Okie DokieSelf-Published Manual iconBox icon
OystronXYPE  Box icon
Phantom II / PirateSelf-Published  Box icon
Poker SquaresSelf-Published  Box icon
Power Off!EbivisionStandard 
Pressure GaugeSelf-Published Manual iconBox icon
QbXYPE  Box icon
Rainbow InvadersSelf-Published  Box icon
Raster FahndungSelf-Published  Box icon
Reindeer RescueSelf-Published  Box icon
SCSIcideSelf-Published Box icon
SCSIcide PhillyClassic3Self-Published  
SeawolfXYPE  Box icon
SkeletonSelf-Published Box icon
Skeleton+Self-Published Box icon
Solar PlexusSelf-Published  Box icon
Space BattleSelf-Published  Box icon
Space InstigatorsXYPE  
Space TreatSelf-Published Box icon
Space Treat DeluxeSelf-Published  Box icon
Squish 'EmSelf-Published  Box icon
Star FireXYPE Box icon
Stell-A-Sketch / Okie DokieRetrowareCassette
Stell-A-Sketch / Okie DokieRetrowareCD-ROM
StickyNotes CartSelf-Published Manual iconBox icon
Strat-O-Gems DeluxeSelf-Published  Box icon
SWOOPS!Self-Published  Box icon
SyncSelf-Published  Box icon
SynthcartSelf-Published Box icon
TestcartSelf-Published Box icon
Tetris 26Self-Published  Manual iconBox icon 
This Planet SucksSelf-Published Manual iconBox icon
ThrustXYPE  Box icon
Thrust+ DC EditionXYPE 
Thrust+ PlatinumXYPE  
Toyshop TroubleSelf-Published  Box icon
Ultra SCSIcideSelf-Published  Box icon
Vault AssaultSelf-Published  Box icon
Vault Assault PhillyClassic3Self-Published Box icon 
Video SimonSelf-Published  Manual iconBox icon

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Very Rare+  
Extremely Rare  
Unbelievably Rare