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Kung Food - Atari - Atari Lynx     HTML Manual   

Copyright c 1992, Atari Corporation. All rights reserved.


Revenge of the Leftovers!

Your kitchen is usually a safe, warm place. Not any more. The top 
secret chemical you stored in your fieezer became active when the 
door was left open. Now the contents of your freezer have come to 
life, and the effects of this chemical have spread throughout the 
kitchen. Even you have been transformed. Reduced to a little green 
man, you must boldly go to your freezer and destroy such transformed 
tidbits as ice demons and killer kung fu carrots. If you fail, your 
fearsome food will conquer the world.

Getting Started

1. Insert your Lynx Kung Food game card in your Lynx. 

2. Turn on the Lynx. The Title screen appears. 

3. Press Option I for a description of the game and a summa y of 
game instructions. To skip the instructions, press A or B. 

4. An animation sequence appears, showing you escaping from Odnet 
Headquarters with the stolen Rynoleum in your beat-up pickup truck 
(Screen 1). (Screen numbers in these instructions refer to the Gallery 
of Game Screens at the end of this manual.) 

5. Press A or B to begin the game. 

Playing the Game

Kung Food is an action adventure game. You must fight your way through 
your freezer, refrigerator, and other parts of your kitchen, destroying 
mutant food as you go. Ultimately, you must get to the lawn sprinkler 
outside. There you can wash off the contaminants and become a human again.

When the game begins, you see your kitchen. The freezer is highlighted 
(Screen 2).

Press A or B. The screen shows our hero, the food fighter, inside 
the freezer. Screen 3 also shows the time remaining, the energy bar,
and the number of your remaining lives.

At the top right of the screen there is a clock. This clock shows 
the amount of time you have to complete the current level. If you 
fail to complete the level, the world is doomed. If you make it, 
you will immediately move on to the next challenge.

The energy bar on the right edge of the screen is very important. 
If you run out of energy, your food will eat you.

The hearts in the lower right comer of the screen indicate the number 
of lives remaining. You start the game with three extra lives. When 
these are gone, you lose (unless you can find more).

Before beginning your quest for safe snacks, take a few seconds to 
practice the game controls. You will need to master the controls 
quickly if you want to survive.

Jab                  Quickly press and release the A button.
Punch                Hold down the A button.
Kick right or left   Press A while pressing the joypad right or left.
Rapid Low Kick       Press A while pressing the joypad down.
Jump                 Press B.
Jump kick            Press B, then A.

When you are ready, get moving. Time is running out and your dinner 
is running amok! You begin on the top shelf. You must drop to the 
next shelf to meet your foes. Move to the bottom of the screen and 
you will fall to the next shelf.

Immediately, an ice demon attacks (Screen 4). This is just the first 
of the many mutants you must face. Beat him up until he explodes. 
It's not pretty. but then again. watching a salad destroy the world 
is no bouquet of roses!

Once you destroy your first enemy' move on to the next. As you forage 
tht-ough your fi eezer, keep an eye out for Power Balls---they could 
save your life. Most Power Balls are in plain sight, but some may 
be hidden behind other objects (Screens 5 & 6).

There are four types of Power Balls:

Energy Up	Raises your energy.

Extra Life	Gives you an additional chance to succeed.

Power Punch	Makes your fists more lethal than a raging rutabaga.

Invincibility	Makes you food-proof for a limited time (Screen 7).

Run over a Power Ball to eat it. When eating Energy Up Balls, keep 
in mind that your energy can only be as high as the top of the Energy 
Bar. Eating extra energy will not help you before a fight, but you 
might need to go back and replenish yourself after a killer tomato 
spits a tew poison seeds at you (Screen 8).

Each level is divided into smaller segments. You cannot move from 
one segment to the next until all mutants in your segment have been 
defeated. When the segment is clear, the word "GO!"appears on the 
right of the screen (Screen 9).

To win the game, you must complete each level within the allotted 
time. If you succeed, the world will be safe again, although you 
may never look at food in the same way again. On the other hand, 
If you fail, you will never need to eat again. The world will be 
oven un by savage spuds and pouncing peas.


Destroy everything that moves.

When you are in a low kick position with a column of angry vegetables 
coming toward you, hold down the A button tor nonstop kicking action.

If you have time, walk behind cans and other objects. You never know 
what you might find.

If an endless number of evil edibles starts coming out of a bag or 
box, you can destroy the bag or box--if you can get to it. If you 
don't, you will quickly be outnumbered.

Don't eat every Energy Up Ball when you come to it. It does no good 
to eat excess energy before a fight when the fight will deplete your 
energy. So if your energy is at full strength, leave the balls until 
you need them. (But don't scroll them off the screen, or you will 
lose them forever!)


After you pick up some points, they appear in the upper right corner 
of the screen. Your total is also on the screen that appears when 
you lose a lite. Points are awarded as follows:

All powerups               200
Ice man                    300
Sausage man                200
Tomato                     400
Pea                        100
Ice king                  2000 + 100 per strike *
Carrot                     300
Mash man                   200
Big batter man            2000 + 200 per strike
Fly                        600
Rat                        600
Rat riding sausage        2000 + 300 per strike
Green slimy                600
Big green slimy           2000 + 400 per strike
Bubble bottle              800 + 100 per strike
Apple copter              2500 + 500 per strike
Spider                     400
Ant                       1000
Wasp                       800
Slug                      1000
Snail                      600
Red whirlwind plant       5000 + 600 per strike
Yellow whirlwind plant   25000 + 700 per strike

* A "strike" is a hit without a kill.

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