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Atari Lynx cartridgesAtari Lynx cartridges

While the Lynx did have a wide variety of developers writing software, most titles were ultimately released by Atari. This means there isn't a great variety in the types of cartridges released for the system. However, when Atari first started producing Lynx cartridges, they did go through two cartridge styles before settling on the curved lip that nearly all Lynx games ended up using. Atari's first attempt was a flat cartridge with no lip, just some dimples at the end of the cart. But these were not easily removed from the Lynx, so Atari then added ridges on the back of the cartridge. This made it considerably easier to remove the carts, but didn't allow for stacking at all (and it looked like a hack). Atari finally settled on the curved lip design that's most prevalent, which allows games to be removed easily while allowing the games to be stored a bit more easily (but not as easily as the original style used).

Cartridges in the first two styles produced by Atari are very uncommon, as Atari quickly switched all their titles to the curved lip design once they settled on it. Games created in recent years for the Lynx forego the expensive manufacturing process that Atari used and have been released using less expensive boards instead. These newer games typically have the chips and other components exposed, but work just as well as the sleeker carts produced by Atari.

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Title LabelCompanyProfile
Alpine GamesGreen PCB 2Self-Published
APBCurved LipAtari
Awesome GolfCurved LipAtari
Baseball HeroesCurved LipAtari
BasketbrawlCurved LipAtari
Batman ReturnsCurved LipAtari
BattleWheelsCurved LipBeyond Games
Battlezone 2000Curved LipAtari
Bill & Ted's Excellent AdventureCurved LipAtari
Block OutCurved LipAtari
Blue LightningFlatAtari
Blue LightningRidgedAtari
Blue LightningCurved LipAtari
Blue Lightning Demo CardCurved LipAtari
Bubble TroubleGreen PCB 2Telegames
California GamesFlatAtari
California GamesRidgedAtari
California GamesCurved LipAtari
Championship RallyBlack PCBSongbird Productions
Checkered FlagCurved LipAtari
Chip's ChallengeFlatAtari
Chip's ChallengeRidgedAtari
Chip's ChallengeCurved LipAtari
Crystal Mines IICurved LipAtari
Crystal Mines II: Buried TreasureBlack PCBSongbird Productions
Cyber VirusBlack PCBSongbird Productions
Cyber Virus: CinciClassic EditionBlack PCBSongbird Productions
Daemon's Gate Atari
Desert StrikeCurved LipTelegames
DinolympicsCurved LipAtari
Dirty Larry: Renegade CopCurved LipAtari
Double DragonCurved LipTelegames
Dracula the UndeadCurved LipAtari
ElectrocopCurved LipAtari
European Soccer ChallengeCurved LipTelegames
Fat Bobby Telegames
Fidelity Ultimate Chess ChallengeCurved LipTelegames
Gates of ZendoconFlatAtari
Gates of ZendoconRidgedAtari
Gates of ZendoconCurved LipAtari
Gauntlet: The Third EncounterRidgedAtari
Gauntlet: The Third EncounterCurved LipAtari
Gordo 106Curved LipAtari
Hard Drivin'Curved LipAtari
HockeyCurved LipAtari
HydraCurved LipAtari
HyperdromeGreen PCB 2Telegames
Ishido: The Way of StonesCurved LipAtari
Jimmy Connors' TennisCurved LipAtari
JoustCurved LipWilliams
KLAXCurved LipAtari
Krazy Ace Miniature Golf Telegames
Kung FoodCurved LipAtari
LemmingsCurved LipAtari
LexisGreen PCB 3Songbird Productions
Lynx CasinoCurved LipAtari
Lynx OthelloGreen PCB 1Harry Dodgson
Malibu Bikini VolleyballCurved LipAtari
Ms. Pac-ManCurved LipAtari
NFL FootballCurved LipAtari
Ninja GaidenCurved LipAtari
Ninja Gaiden III: Ancient Ship of DoomCurved LipAtari
Pac-LandCurved LipAtari
PaperboyCurved LipAtari
Pinball JamCurved LipAtari
Pit-FighterCurved LipAtari
PokerManiaGreen PCB 2MW Software
PonxGreen PCB 3Songbird Productions
Power FactorCurved LipAtari
QixCurved LipTelegames
RampageCurved LipAtari
RampartCurved LipAtari
RemnantBlack PCBSongbird Productions
RoadBlastersCurved LipAtari
Robo-SquashCurved LipAtari
Robotron: 2084Curved LipWilliams
RygarCurved LipAtari
S.I.M.I.S.Green PCB 2Self-Published
S.T.U.N. RunnerCurved LipAtari
Scrapyard DogCurved LipAtari
SFXBlack PCBSongbird Productions
Shadow of the BeastCurved LipAtari
ShanghaiCurved LipAtari
SokoManiaGreen PCB 2MW Software
Steel TalonsCurved LipAtari
Super Asteroids & Missile CommandCurved LipAtari
Super Off-RoadCurved LipTelegames
Super SkweekCurved LipAtari
Switchblade IICurved LipAtari
T-TrisGreen PCB 2Self-Published
Todd's Adventures in Slime WorldCurved LipAtari
TokiCurved LipAtari
Tournament CyberballCurved LipAtari
Turbo SubCurved LipAtari
Viking ChildCurved LipAtari
WarbirdsCurved LipAtari
World Class Fussball/SoccerCurved LipAtari
XenophobeCurved LipAtari

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