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Robo-Squash - Atari - Atari Lynx     HTML Manual   


Squash the Enemy!

It is the 31st Century The President of the World has died unexpectedly 
at the young age of 281 after nearly 200 years of peaceful rule,
leaving the United World Federation in chaos. The World Party 
has been in control for almost four centuries, but now the International 
Party wants to take over. Rumours that the President's death was 
not accidental cannot be confirmed, but the World Party is on 
the defensive.

Since the conventional warfare of the uncivilized past is now obsolete,
the two parties are gearing up to settle the dispute in a more 
modern way--an all-or-nothing game of ROBO-SQUASH.

It is your civic duty as Champion of the World Party to compete against 
the International Party's Champion. If you win, the World Party 
will remain in control and world unity will continue. If you lose,
the International Party will divide the world into individual 
nations, setting up the same kinds of senseless petty disputes 
that nearly destroyed the world back in the 21st century.

Federation Peace depends on your abilities. Can you handle the pressure? 
You must, otherwise civilization may be doomed.

Getting Started

ROBO-SQUASH is a fast-action game of skill and strategy for one to 
two players. Follow the steps listed below to start the game: 

1. With your Lynx system(s) switched off, insert the game card(s) 
as described in the LYNX OWNER'S MANUAL.
Warning: Do not touch the game card connector pins. Do not expose 
the contacts to static or extreme heat. Do not bend, crush, or attempt 
to clean the game card.

2. Press ON. If two players will compete, each should press ON at 
about the same time. The words "Com Lynx" and the number of players 
currently linked together will display. If two players are linked 
together and no number appears beneath the words "Com Lynx", turn 
off the machines, make sure Com Lynx is properly connected, then 
turn the machines back on. At this point, if you do nothing, in 
about 20 seconds you will be shown brief instructions and a gameplay demo. 

3. Press A or B to proceed to the game play demo. Press A or B a 
second time to move to the level select screen. 

4. The skill selection screen appears. Use the joypad to select the 
desired skill level. From easiest to hardest, the four skill levels 
are: Klutz, Terrific, Outrageous, and Insane. 

5. Press A to start the game. The Round Selection Screen appears. 

6. Use the joypad to select a ball to play in the first round. 

7. Press A to begin. 

Optional Game Controls

To enhance play, the following optional game controls allow you to 
modify the display, and pause and restart the game: 

To flip the screen 180 degrees and reverse the controls, press 
OPTION 2 and PAUSE at the same time. 
To pause the game, press PAUSE. Repeat to resume play. 
To return to the title screen, press OPTION 1 and PAUSE. 

Playing the game

The object of the game is to capture as many balls in vertical and 
horizontal rows as possible. Use logic and strategy to choose 
a ball at the beginning of each round. Outplay your opponent (either 
the Lynx or a friend) without losing three balls to win each round,
or win a round by being the first player to hit the mysterious 
mechanical spider.

Use the joypad to hit the ball. Hit bricks and special items with 
the ball for points, For bonus points, hit the mechanical spider 
after all bricks are destroyed. The round ends when one player 
loses three balls or hits the spider.

The ball gains speed every five seconds as the round progresses. 
The longer a round lasts, the faster the ball will go and the 
harder it will be to hit. If you don't defeat your opponent quickly,
you will need all your skill just to hit the ball.

Winning a round captures the selected ball for the winner. The ball 
will change to the winner's color. When all rounds have been completed,
players receive bonus points for multiple balls in vertical or 
horizontal rows. More points are awarded for longer rows, so use 
strategy and good sense to create large rows. The player with 
the most points after all rounds have been completed wins.

Special items

During the course of the game, several items will appear on the screen. 
Hit an item with the ball to use it. Players can use only one 
item at a time. The last item hit becomes the current one. All 
special items vanish when the spider appears. These special items 
are listed below.

Shooter (Dragon) - Shoot fireballs at the bricks and special 
items. Using a fireball results in fewer points, but creates 
an explosion. The explosions are difficult to see through and 
can be used effectively as smokescreens to hinder your opponent's 
timing and reactions. 

Holder (Mouth) - Using a Holder allows you to catch the ball 
with your paddle so you can aim your shot. 

Expander (Spiral Disk) - The Expander enlarges your paddle to 
make it easier to hit the ball. 

Spotter (All Seeing Eye) - The Spotter briefly displays a circle 
to show the player where the ball will end up, allowing the 
player to get a head start towards the ball. 


Quick reactions are crucial. Learn to use the Spotter to help you 
get a jump towards the ball. 
Use your opponents splats to your advantage - aim for them so that 
he will have a hard time spotting the ball. 
Use the Shooter to create an explosive diversion. 
Weaker players should aim for the Expander. This will enlarge their 
paddle and make it easier to return the ball. 
Beat your opponent quickly. The longer a round lasts, the more chance 
you will lose a ball. 
Do everything you can to make your opponent miss the ball, even if 
it means screaming loudly whenever you hit the ball. Stupid jokes 
may also help. 
Use your head when choosing the ball at the start of each round. 
Capturing balls in rows results in many points. 
Don't waste special items. They are all very useful. 
Watch for the spider when all bricks are destroyted. 


During gameplay, you receive points for destroying bricks and hitting 
special items. You also receive bonus points for hitting the mechanical 
spider and capturing balls in vertical and horizontal rows. Be 
aware that final scores are not tabulated until the fireworks screen.

Points are awarded as listed: 

Hit Bricks ........................ 200 points
Hit Special item .................. 200 points
Hit Brick or Item with Shooter .... 100 points
Hit Spider ........................ 500 points and a win
Balls remaining at end of round ... 500 points to round winner
Two balls in row or column ....... 1000 points
Three balls in row or column ..... 3000 pounds
Four balls in row or column ...... 6000 points

At the end of higher rounds, both the winner and the loser will receive 
500, 1000 or 1500 points just for making it to those rounds.

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