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Checkered Flag - Atari - Atari Lynx     HTML Manual   


Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!

This is big time racing. Strapped into your lightning-fast machine,
you await the green light. The announcer calls out the traditional 
four words and the engines rev up. The sound of Indy-style race 
cars-half roar, half  whine-is deafening. The grandstand crowd 
is on its feet. You focus your attention on the starting light. 
It's red. Now yellow. Green! The race is on!

Getting Started

1.Insert the Checkered Flag game card as described in the Lynx Owner's 

2.If 2 through 6 people will play, Comlynx all Lynx machines. Turn 
all machines on. 

3.Press A or B to exit the tittle screen. The Options screen appears. 
For more information on each option, refer to Game Options section. 

4.Highlight each option by moving the joypad up or down, then press 
the joypad right or left to choose the selection you want. 

5.Press OPTION 1 to move to the car option section of the screen, then
select your car options. Press OPTION 1 again to return to main options. 

6.You can turn the music on or off by pressing OPTION 2. 

7.When you are ready to start, press A or B. In a multiplayer game,
the game starts when all players have pressed A or B. While waiting 
for other players, you can change your options by pressing A or B again. 

Game Options

The options screen shows several choices you can make to configure 
your race. Any player can select or change these options. Each 
option is described below. 

Race Options 

Practice: Practice race, no awards. 
Single Heat: One race, winner takes all. 
Tournament: Eight consecutive races, starting with the currently 
selected course. If, for example, you begin with course 4, 
the second will be on course 5, the next on course 6, and so 
on until all races are complete. Points are awarded at the 
end of each race. Your position at the end of a race determines 
your starting position in the next race. 
Random Starting Position: Lynx chooses your starting position. 

Qualifying Lap Starting Position: You run a single lap. Your 
time determines your starting position for the race. This only 
applies to the first race in a tournament. 
Drones- 0 to 9: A total of ten cars can race at the same time. 
The more participants, the greater the challenge. In multiplayer 
games, you can only choose as many drones as will keep the 
total number of racers at ten or fewer. 
Laps- 1 thru 10 or 20 or 30 or 40 or 50: Choose the length of the race 
Course- 1 to 18: Select a track. 

Car and Driver Options 
In addition to the above race options, you can select from three car-
and-driver options. In multiplayer game, you can only select the 
options for your car and driver. 

Transmission- Auto, 4 Speed, 7 Speed: Choose your transmission. 
For a more challenging race, don't use the automatic transmission. 
Shifting is up to you. 
Colour: Choose your car colour. 
Male or Female Driver: This does not affect the racing conditions,
but if you win you will see the difference. 

When Checkered Flag begins, you will see your car at the starting 
line of the selected track. If you are not racing any drones or 
other players, or if chose to run a qualifying lap, your car is 
the only one shown. When you race againts other players or drones,
the other cars will also appear.

Playing the Game

The screen shows the current lap, your position(rank in the race),
elapsed time, your odometer, and the lap number. The dashboard 
on your car shows the speed and current gear.

The top of the screen shows a map of the race course, with coloured 
dots representing each car. Drones are always yellow. Human racers 
are represented by the majority colour of each car. The large 
flashing dots represents your car.

The first-place car also appears as a large dot. But it doesn't flash 
unless you are in first place.

When you complete a lap, your lap time is briefly displayed where 
the odometer is. Pressing OPTION 2 during the race shows the total 
number of laps you chose for this race, next to the current lap number.

If you run a qualifying lap, your time will determine your starting 
position. Good driving and great speed could get you the pole 
position, which means you will not have to pass any cars to take the lead.

When the announcer says "Gentlemen, start your engines", the starting 
light appears. When the light turns green, the race begins.

Press the joypad right or left to steer. If you did not choose an 
automatic transmission from the Options screen, you must shift 
gears by pressing up or down on the joypad. The A button is the 
gas pedal. Press B to brake. Besides braking, you can slow down 
by releasing the A button or by downshifting(if your car has a shift gear).

As you race, be careful not to run of the track. Driving off the 
track will slow you down, especially if you run into a tree or 
other roadside obstacle. Also, be careful when passing other cars. 
If you hit another car you will spin out of control. Try to regain 
control without losing too much speed. Of course, if you spin 
into a roadside obstacle, you will stop completely and loose valuable 
ground in the race.

Always keep a eye on your side mirrors. You will be able to see approaching 
cars and either get out of the way or cut them off. If you crash 
into another car, you may crack a mirror. Too many crashes and 
your mirrors will become useless.

At the end of the race, the winner is rewarded with a trophy and 
a big hug.(This is where the driver's gender becomes important!)

The speed and statistics of the top three cars appear at the top 
of the screen. If you do not finish in the top three, your stats 
will flash at the bottom of the list.

If you finish a race before other human drivers, your car is placed 
on the side of the road. Pressing OPTION 1 now turns on camera 
mode (a camera icon appears at the top left of the screen.) This 
mode places you in the cockpit of another racer's car so you can 
see what the other racer sees. Keep pressing option 1 to switch 
to other cars. You will eventually return to your own.

To start a new race, press A or B. In a tournament, another screen 
appears listing the current tournament standings, with the points 
for each racer. Press A or B to start the next race in the tournament.

Tournament Points for Each Race

First   30
Second  25
Third   20
Fourth  15
Fifth   10
Sixth    7
Seventh  5
Eighth   3
Ninth    1
Tenth    0

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