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Come on, High Roller, step inside and lay your money down! Thrilling games, 
tacky carpets and wacky people make Lynx Casino just like being there. Whether 
you want to play Craps, Blackjack, Poker, Roulette or the slots, or just meet 
interesting people while listening to a really bad Elvis impersonator, the Lynx 
Casino has something for you. 

Getting Started
1. If two people will play, connect the Lynx machines with a Comlynx cable. 2. 
Insert your lynx Casino game cartridge(s) in your Lynx machine(s). 3. Turn on 
the Lynx(es). 4. The Lynx Casino title screen appears. 5. Press A or B to start 
the game. While you're walking around the Casino, pressing OPTION 2 will switch 
the music on and off. Pressing OPTION 2 I during any of the five games will 
bring up a stat screen for various aspects of the game. 

Playing the Game
You have just walked into the Lynx Casino, the high-rollingest, big-winningest 
Casino in town (Screen 1). (Screen numbers in these instructions refer to the 
Gallery of Game Screens at the end of this manual,) It takes a few seconds for 
your eyes to adjust to the glare of the bright flashing lights on the tacky 
carpet and for your ears to get used to the ringing bells and the music of the 
local yahoo who thinks he looks and sounds like the King of Rock and Roll. When 
your head clears, you notice the tables and the slots. Where do you begin? The 
Blackjack tables are the closest, so you decide to Start there.
Press the joypad in the direction you wish to walk. If you just can't wait to 
get started, you can run by holding down the B button while you press the joypad 
in the desired direction. When you get to the table or machine where you want to 
play. press A to start the game. To stop playing a game and cruise the Casino 
some more, press OPTION 2.

You really think you are a Blackjack expert and this will be easy. But hang on. 
This dealer's fast and he plays a lot better than Uncle Bruce from Houston. At 
least you know that Blackjack is the classic card game where you try to beat the 
dealer's hand without going over 2l.
The Lynx Casino is played with a "six deck shoe." That means you play through 
six decks before the dealer reshuffles. You won't count cards very easily here. 
You can play either one or two hands against the dealer.
Begin by placing your bet (Screen 2). Move the joypad left or right until the 
hand points at one of the betting boxes. Then press A. The betting window opens 
(Screen 3).
The betting window shows a set of chips ranging in value from $1 to $500. When 
you first start, the selector box is on the $1 chips. To change to a higher 
value, press the joypad right or left. When you have selected your chip value, 
press the joypad up or down to raise or lower your bet. You may use more than 
one chip type in a single bet. When you have set your bet, press A. This will 
place your bet on the table. If you wish to play two hands at once, repeal the 
betting steps for the other betting box.
Pressing the joypad up adds the highlighted amount to your bet, while pressing 
down subtracts it, If two players are playing Blackjack at the same time, each 
player can choose a place at the table. or one player can sit out while the 
other plays one or both positions. In a two-player game. each player must 
complete his bet before the dealer passes out the cards.
Here's a hint: a quick way to bet the same amount as last time is to press A and 
then, quickly, B.
Press B when you want the dealer to give you your cards. The dealer gives you 
two cards for each hand played. You must try to beat the dealer's hand by asking 
for cards until your hand is as close as possible to 21 points. Go over 21 and 
you lose. You can't possibly lose if you are dealt a Blackjack-- that is, if 
your original two cards equal 21. Face cards count ten points. All others are 
worth their face value except an Ace, which is either one point or eleven points 
(your choice).
The dealer will give you several options. depending on your cards. Some options 
are not available at all times. The options are: HITGet another card.
      STANDStop with the cards you have.
      DOUBLEDouble your bet, take only one more card. then stand. If you win, 
      you win twice as much. Same thing if you lose.
      SPLITIf you are dealt two matching cards, you may split the pair and play 
      two separate hands. This allows you to win double, lose double, or break 
      even. (You may only do this once in the same hand!)
      INSUREIf the dealer's up card is an Ace, you may insure your game. This 
      "Insurance" is a separate bet of half your original bet. If the dealer has 
      a Blackjack, you will win two-to-one on your insurance bet: If the dealer 
      does not have Blackjack, you lose your insurance bet.
Insurance bets are resolved after you play out your hand (or hands, if you've 
split). For example, you take insurance, play your hand, and the dealer has a 
Blackjack. You win an amount equal to your first bet. If the dealer did not have 
a Blackjack, you lose only half the amount of your first bet. Your other 
winnings stand. Move the joypad up or down and use the A button to make your 
choice. Repeat until you are satisfied with each hand.
When you are finished, the dealer shows his hand. The dealer must draw more 
cards until his hand is worth at least 16 points and must stand when his hand 
equals 17 points or more. If your hand beats the dealer's hand. you win the game 
and collect your winnings. If you lose, you lose your money. Your bet is not 
affected by a second player's hand.

When you've had enough Blackjack. head over to the Craps table. Craps is a 
classic dice game where he action is fast and there is a large variety of bets 
(Screen 4). 
The Craps table is divided into several types of bets, You may place one or more 
bets of as many types as you wish before shooting the dice. To place a bet, move 
the pointer to the type(s) of bet and press A (Screen 5). The bet window opens. 
Move the joypad right or left to select a chip valite, then tip or down to 
select a bet amount. The possible bet types are: 
Pass Line:
A Pass line bet can only be made before the first dice roll (the Come Out Roll). 
A Pass Line bet wins on a roll of 7 or 11 and loses on a 2, 3, or 12. If any 
other number rolls, that number becomes the point. To win the bet, you must 
repeat the point roll before shooting a 7. You lose if you roll a 7 before 
rolling the point number. Pass Line bets are paid even money and cannot be 
placed, reduced, or removed after the point is established. 
Don't Pass Line:
The opposite of a Pass Line bet, a Don't Pass Line bet loses on a 7 or 11 and 
wins on a 2 or 3. A 12 renders the wager void. Any other number becomes the 
point. To win the bet, you must roll a 7 before repeating the point. Don't Pass 
bets cannot be placed or increased after the point is established. but may be 
removed or decreased, Don't Pass bets pay even money. 
You may place a Come bet any time after the Pass Line point is established. The 
win/loss roles are the same as for a Pass Line bet. If you roll a 4,5,6,8,9, or 
10 immediately after making the Come bet, the dealer moves the bet to that 
number's box. This even number bet can't be reduced or removed after the point 
is established. 
Don't Come:
The opposite of a Come bet, a Don't Come bet may be placed at any time after the 
Don't Pass tine point is established. The win/loss roles are the same as for a 
Don't Pass Line bet, with a 12 canceling the bet. This is an even number bet. 
When a point is established (4,5,6,8.9, or I0), an Odds bet can be made to the 
original Pass Line. The Odds wagers may be reduced or removed at any time. Odds 
bets are placed at true mathematical odds. A 4 or 10 pays 2 to l. A 5 or 9 pays 
3 to 2. A 6 or 8pays 6 to 5. In addition to single Odds wagers for the Pass 
Line, the casino may offer additional allowable odds (5 times the original Pass 
line amount). 
Place Bet:
These bets may be made at any time and can be placed on one or more of the 
numbers 4,5.6.8,9, or 10. If a selected number is rolled before a 7, you win the 
bet. You lose when a 7 is rolled. Place Bets may be increased, decreased or 
removed at any time. The odds for winning are as follows: 
4 or 10: 9 to 5
5 or 9: 7 to 5
6 or 8: 7 to 6

Buy Bet:
Buy Bets are like Place Bets, except a 5% commission is charged when the dice 
are rolled, enabling the wager to be paid at true mathematical odds: 
4 or 10: 2 to 1
5 or 9:3 to 2
6 or 8:6 to 5
Place your wager on one or more of the numbers 4,5,6,8,9 or 10. The wagers may 
be increased, decreased or removed at any time. All Buy Bets are inactive on the 
Come Out roll, 
Lay Bet:
Lay Bets are the opposite of Buy Bets, If you roll a 7 before the number on 
which the bet is made, the wager wins at true odds, The wager loses if the 
number is rolled before a 7. 
Aone-roll wager that wins if a 2,3,4,9,10,11, or l2 comes upon the next roll and 
loses if a 5,6,7, or 8 is rolled. The 2 and 12 pay 2 to 1. All other numbers pay 
1 to 1. 
These bets are on pairs. In other words. if you bet on a Hardway 4, you win if a 
pair of twos is rolled. A Hardway 6 wins on a pair of threes, a Hardway 8 on a 
pair of fours. and a Hardway l0 on two fives. If you wager on a Hardway 4, and 
an Easyway 4 is roIled (3 and 1), you lose the wager. You also lose if a 7 is 
Any Seven:
A one-roll wager that wins only if a 7 is thrown on the next roll. 
Any Craps:
A one-roll wager that wins only if a 2,3, or 12 is thrown on the next roll. 
Craps Two:
A one-roll wager that wins only if a 2 is thrown on the next roll. 
Craps Twelve:
A one-roll wager that wins only if an 12 is thrown on the next roll. 
Craps Three:
A one-roll wager that wins only if a 3 is thrown on the next roll. 
A one-roll wager that wins only if an 11 is thrown on the next roll. 
A one-roll wager that wins if a 2,3,11, or 12 is thrown on the next roll. The 
Horn bet is made in multiples of $4. It is treated as four separate bets on 
2,3,11, and 12 and is paid accordingly. 
After choosing your bets, press B to roll the dice. In a two-player game, each 
player must press B before the dice are thrown. 

After shooting Craps for a while, you may wish to move to the Roulette wheel 
(Screen 6). When you get to the Roulette wheel, you purchase a stack of Roulette 
chips. The Roulette chips all have the same value. Place bets by laying chips on 
the numbers on the table. To place a chip, use the joypad to move the pointer to 
the desired spot on the table, then press A (Screen 7). Chips can be placed 
straight upon one number, or on the line between 2 or more numbers. When a chip 
is placed on a line, that chip is good for all numbers it touches, but at 
reduced odds. To spin the wheel, move down to SPIN at the bottom of the screen, 
then press A. If two people are playing, each one must SPIN before the wheel 
will Stan spinning. When the ball settles on a number, press A to see how you 
did. The odds table for Roulette is listed below. WagerOdds
      Straight Up   35 to 1
      Two Numbers   17 to 1
      Three Numbers 1 to 1
      Five Numbers  6 to 1
      Six Numbers   5 to 1
      Column Bet    2 to 1
      Dozen Bet     2 to 1
      Color         1 to 1
      l-18/19-36    1 to 1
      Even/Odd      1 to 1

After the spin, a box will appear asking if you want to place the same bets over 
again. (But only your last 15 bets are remembered). 
For gaming excitement with lower stakes, move over to the Poker machines for a 
little video Poker (Screen 8). Press A to bet a dollar, up to a total of five 
dollars for each game. Press B to deal the cards (the cards are dealt 
automatically after the fifth coin is inserted). When the cards are dealt, use 
the joypad to move the finger to the button beneath any cat volt want to hold 
(Screen 9). Press B to discard all cards that are not held and deal 
replacements. Each hand is played with a 53-card deck containing one joker. The 
joker is wild. The minimum hand needed to win is two pairs. Other odds are 
listed in the Odds window that appears as the first coin is bet. If two people 
play Poker simultaneously, they will each use a separate machine. The outcome of 
one player does not affect the other. 

If you feel your luck is better than your gaming skill, try the slots (Screen 
10). The slots are low stakes, but you can play for a long time with your 
thousand dollars at five dollars a game. 
Press A to insert a dollar coin. Repeat as many times as you want, up to five 
dollars. If you bet five dollars, the wheel spins (Screen 11), if you bet less 
than five dollars, press B to pull the handle. All payouts are shown on the odds 
window that appears when you insert the first coin. The machine has a 
statistical payback of 97%, which qualifies it as a true-to-life slot machine. 
Two people can play the Slots at the same time, but each player will have his 
own machine. 

If you lose your thousand dollars, you can visit the cashier's window to get 
some credit. The cashier will give you an additional $500. The cashier will only 
extend your credit twice. After you've lost $2,000 you are out of luck and might 
as well go home and replan your winning strategy for next time. 

Like any casino, the Lynx Casino is full of, shall we say. "interesting" people. 
To talk to somebody, face that person and press A. The person will respond at 
the bottom of the screen (Screen 12). 
Press A a few times to hear everything somebody has to say. Spend too much time 
talking and the person you talk to will lose interest and start to say the same 
things over again. 
Remember, there's no limit to how much you can win in Lynx Casino, so work on 
your strategy and keep coming back until you really bit it big. Good luck!